Our After School Clubs



Spring 2016 


We are delighted to share with you the range of clubs which are currently being taken up by children at The Bluecoat School.

Whilst you can see there is a wide range and choice available for this term we are looking forward to further new after school opportunities for children in the Spring and Summer terms. Come back later in the year for more news.

Tuesday afternoon is when the majority of clubs take place. This term there is:

Art Club (KS1) Tuesday

Art club are following the children's interests to produce work in a range of media this term. The children are particularly interested in collage and painting which they began this week. 

 KS1 art

Cooking Club (KS1) Tuesday

Cooking club is for our budding chefs. Quick, easy and delicious snacks all made with taste and healthy eating to mind. 


Multi Skills Club (KS1) Tuesday

Mrs Kingman has Y1 and 2 children to work on their P.E skills with lots of different activities to improve coordination.


ICT (KS2) Tuesday

ICT club this term will focus on using the IPads as a fun way to research and present information in different ways. 


Art Club (KS2) Tuesday

This term Miss Kinchin's Art club are looking at work by surrealist artista andcreating lots of different pieces using a variety of media.


Cooking Club (KS2) Tuesday

Mrs Walker and Y5/6 are making a delicious selection of sweet and savoury snacks all with a healthy twist.


Dance (KS2) Tuesday

Chloe will follow on from the work she does with children across the school on a Tuesday, with a high energy club for all lovers of dance. 


In addition to these some clubs will take place at other times


Netball Club (Y5/6)

Netball Club is a lunchtime club for those children who will be representing the school at the Inter School netball league this term. 


Running Club (KS2) Monday

On a Monday evening Mrs Davys and Mrs Lake lead running club. Working on both stamina and speed, running club will lead to children taking part in events across the second half of the year.


Fencing Club (KS2) Wednesday

Children from KS2 are learning to fence with Lee from Premier Sports. 'En grade' for the parry and thrust of fencing. Teaching skills, discipline and reflexes to get the better of your opponent


Textiles Club (KS2) Wednesday


Choir (KS2) Thursday

The Choir will again be working towards taking part in the Young Voices concert at Birmingham, this year celebrating its 20th year. 


Ballet (KS2) Thursday

Once again this term we are very lucky to be able to offer children a chance to learn ballet with Anne Desbruslais.


Football (KS2) Friday

Premier Sport are in on a Friday to support all those children in Years 4 to 6 who would like to develop their football skills with expert coaching.

Ofsted Outstanding