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Slowly, Slowly.....

Wow! what a lovely week of learning we have had, the children have loved exploring and learning about snails. So many of the children brought snails in and we were able to create a 'snail environment' in the classroom. The children watched and closely observed the snails as they moved and ate. We learnt some amazing facts and these have been transferred across all areas of the curriculum.

The children have created spirals and developed their pencil skills by following trails and patterns.  We created snail trails with glue and glitter and created collage snails using dough. The Children studied 'The Snail' by Mattisse and created their own representations using coloured paper squares. At snack time we created spirals using bread and enjoyed 'snail' sandwiches!

Next week our learning will focus on spiders and webs, leading into theme work around Autumn and changes in the natural world.

Polite reminder that it is 'Odd Sock Day' tomorrow in support of the NSPCC,  Many Thanks.



Posted by: The Teachers on: 02/10/2016

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