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A Classroom Adventure

What a surprise we had today! We stepped into our classroom to discover that it had been completely transformed...

We all rushed in and couldn't believe what had happened. We had tents, a chicken, a beanstalk, a crocodile in water, snow, a mysterious ball.. the list goes on! 

The rest of the morning was a complete adventure. We sang camp songs and tasted food an explorer might eat. Even though the chocolate pudding was in a packet, it was still delicious which was evident when we completely devoured it! Some of us read books in the tent while others started telling stories...

It wasn't long before a king took over the kingdom that we had created. The king was vicious and demanded silence most of the time. He had servants and he even had his own pet crocodile. Those who didn't do as the king or his queen said were sent to jail (including Miss Kinchin and Mrs Alderman!).


After our morning of adventure, we wrote about our experience. We wrote wherever we felt like, so some of us wrote in the tents, some wrote while stretched out on the floor, and some of us even wrote next to the towering beanstalk and colourful chicken!

Keep an eye out for our gallery on the school website where you will find lots more pictures of our adventurous morning! Meanwhile, we will be waiting to see what happens next...

Posted by: The Teachers on: 07/10/2016

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