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Wednesday 2nd November 2016- Real Roman Land!

On Wednesday, year 4 went on another exciting creative curriculum opportunity to Castor C of E Primary School. Castor is a Roman town and, as part of the school’s support from the Lottery Heritage Fund, they have been able to develop and host guided walks around the surrounding areas.

We began our day with a walk around Roman Castor, crossing fields the Roman’s actually crossed themselves. We used our imaginations to think about what it would have been like during Roman times. We also visited archaeological sites where Roman artefacts have previously been discovered! Our walk was led by Mr Ratchford, who is the head of Castor Primary School and some year 5 pupils at the school. We really enjoyed learning from other children and their knowledge was fantastic!

In the afternoon, we were visited by Mr Nash from St Kyneburgha's trust. We looked at some things that had been discovered around Castor and investigated what they could be. We were particularly fascinated that the Roman coins had the name of the Emperor's around the edge, so we could tell exactly when the coin was from!

We had a fantastic day and learnt lots of information about the Romans in our local area!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 05/11/2016

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