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Monday 14th November 2016- Kendrew Barracks

On Monday, year 4 went on an exciting creative curriculum learning opportunity to Kendrew Barracks in Cottesmore. It was utterly fantastic!

We went as part of our Romans Return! topic to compare the roman army to the modern British army. It was a fascinating experience. 

Our day consisted of many things including a tour of camp. We saw where the soldiers live, eat, work and where families also live. We were surprised that on site there is a school for all of the soldier's children.

We also went into one of the hangers on site and compared the tactics of the two armies. Sergeant Mccaughey, who led our visit, showed us a virtual map from a recent training exercise in Kenya. It was amazing to see how the soldiers planned out their tour.  

Following this, we were treated to a drill demonstration. There were 20 soldiers and a drill sergeant (who was a little bit scary!) marching and following commands. We then got to have a go ourselves! Fortunately, the drill sergeant was less strict with us!

We know that roman soldiers were trained highly. We wanted to compare this to how soliders are trained today and we got to have a sneak peek in a circuit training session. A group of soldiers worked their way around fifteen different stations without stopping once! We were exhausted just looking at them!

To end our visit, we went to the weapons and kit stand hanger to find out about the modern kit and equipment that soldier’s use today. It was fantastic to see how different their weapons and armour were. We also tried on some of the modern kit and couldn't believe how heavy it was!

This was a fantastic experience that we all enjoyed thoroughly and learnt a lot from. We would like to say a massive thank you to Sergeant Mccaughey for his help in organising our visit and to the many soldiers who made our visit so special!

To see more pictures from our visit, please go to the gallery!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 23/11/2016

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