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Save our Libraries!

We have started our work on persuasive writing which will hopefully lead to an exciting mini-project in our new curriculum topic.

Last week, an article in the First News newspaper caught our attention. We decided to read up on it in our Guided Reading lesson and discovered that some of our school and local libraries are shutting down across this country. We went to visit Mrs Thomas in the library to hear her opinion on the matter and we discussed all the benefits of being part of a library. We then did a piece of persuasive writing about how we need to save our libraries. A few of us will get the opportunity to share our writing with Mrs Thomas when we have had the opportunity to go back and improve our writing.


In Maths, we've also started a new topic. We're learning about measures and have started by learning to estimate lengths and then accurately measure in cm and metres. This too will hopefully lead to some exciting work in our new Creative Curriculum topic which we are very much looking forward to starting this week...

measures   measures

Posted by: The Teachers on: 05/12/2016

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