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Monday 5th December 2016- The Gift

This week year 4 started their Christmas creative curriculum topic, 'The Gift.' We decided that we wanted to learn about giving to others during the festive period. We decided that we wanted to learn sign language as a gift to a member of our class who has parents with hearing impairments. 

We were joined in class on Monday by Jessica and Joanne from the charity Action on hearing loss. We were also joined by their translator Stephanie, who helped us to understand what Jessica and Joanne were signing.

It was a fantastic experience to learn some simple sign language and to listen to how just knowing a small amount of sign language can make such a big difference to someone who is deaf. We now all know the BSL finger alphabet and can use this to sign our names and simple words.

Ned said that he found the workshop, 'fantastic,' and he didn't realise that 'deaf people were exactly the same as us.' Owen described Jessica and Joanne as, 'inspiring!'

We are now busy designing persuasive posters and writing persuasive letters to encourage others to learn sign language too!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 11/12/2016

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