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Bonne année!

Bonne année (Happy New Year)! We have started our new 'Are you Afraid of the Dark?' topic this week where we've been learning about how we have day and night and where we've also begun investigating how and why shadows change size.

We have also been working on our French learning by practising our conversation skills. We can now introduce ourselves, ask how someone is and tell them how we are feeling. We are getting more and more confident with our speaking and pronounciation!


We also learnt how people in France celebrate New Years. We learnt about Epiphany and how it is celebrated across Europe. In France, many people eat a 'Couronne de Rois' which is a brioche-style bread. Inside is hidden a small statuette or figurine. If the slice you are given has this hidden inside, you become King or Queen for the day and get to wear the golden crown!

french french

We thought the 'couronne' was delicious and have decided that we would now like to bake our own brioche as part of our Creative Curriculum!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 06/01/2017

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