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Bentley the Bat

In our 'Are You Afraid of the Dark' topic, we were last week researching different types of nocturnal animals. We were fascinated to learn about different creatures of our choice. Some researched and wrote about hedgehogs, some looked into owls and many of us chose to read up on facts about bats.

We also heard from our teacher that there may be a surprise one day but we weren't told when, so we've been eagerly coming into school to find out what this mystery surprise might be...

On Thursday, we walked into the classroom to discover that we had a special visitor… Bentley the Bat! The lovely people from the Lincolnshire Bat Group visited us and brought with them a bat which had been found locally in Stamford. We were fascinated by all the amazing facts and surprised to see just how small bats can be! We learnt that there are up to 16 known species of bat in Lincolnshire, that bats can eat up to 2000 insects and mosquitos a night and that bats can live in many different places like caves, tunnels, under bridges and even in attics or garages!

bat  bats

We also heard all about the hard work the volunteer group do to take care of injured bats. They go out to rescue hurt bats and nurse them back to health. If they are okay to go back into the wild then they are released, however if they are unable to do this, the Lincolnshire Bat Group will take care of them instead.

As a result of this, we have written home asking for small donations so we can thank the group and support them with their work.

Thank you very much to Colin and Annette from the Lincolnshire Bat group for their visit! 


Posted by: The Teachers on: 20/01/2017

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