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Taking a Moonlight Walk

Tuesday evening was very exciting for us. We stayed behind after school and waited until it got dark so we could go on a moonlight walk! We put on our high-visibility jackets (we'd been learning all about retro-reflective materials earlier on that day!), grabbed our iPads and went off to explore the school grounds.

First we walked around the school field, listening out for any unusual sounds, observing shadows and admiring the night sky. We took photos and videos of what we found, and some of us even kept a video diary to record our thoughts and feelings while we walked! After that, we explored the school garden which was considerably darker and slightly spookier!

moonlight walk

moonlight walk

A surprise was then waiting for us when we got back to the playground... hot chocolate! The fire pit was lit and while we gathered round it we loved having our hot chocolate and biscuits. Some of us even had marshmallows in our hot drinks! It was a perfect end to a very enjoyable and memorable walk.

moonlight walk

As a result of this experience, we have now decided that we'd like to do some learning about stars which we will start later on this week. 

Posted by: The Teachers on: 24/01/2017

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