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Light it up!

Year 5 have had such a busy week.  We started off in English with writing instructions which links with our Anglo-Saxon topic.  The children wanted to experience some of the activities the Anglo-Saxons would have completed to pass their time so we did some finger knitting in preparation for the real thing next week.

We also had a talk about 'Sustainable Stamford' were the children have been challenged to design a school that can sustain itself.  The children have got lots of ideas which again link nicely to our topic as we plan to grow food just like the Anglo-Saxons.  Another thing we considered was recycling and how we could use materials such as plastic bottles in our design.  We have therefore decided to build a green house for our garden to help in the growing of our produce.  If you could kindly send in any two and four pint plastic milk bottles we'd be really grateful.

To end the week Bourne Grammar came in to school to deliver a science/ technology lesson to build a circuit board, resulting in some pupils managing to produce a working torch.  

Posted by: The Teachers on: 30/01/2017

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