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Another Surprise Visitor!

We had another surprise visitor this week - PCSO Christopher Clarke! He came in to talk to us about how we can stay safe in the dark. We thoroughly enjoyed his visit and were particularly fascinated by all the equipment he carries around with him to keep him safe. We hadn't realised that even his hat had retro-reflective materials to keep him visible! We learnt how to keep ourselves and our pets safe when walking in the dark, what to do if we got lost and didn't know how to get home and what to do if a stranger approached us.

pcso  pcso

We really enjoyed our morning with PCSO Clarke and have invited him back as we've decided that we'd love to find out more about what he does in our community. Thank you very much for coming in and helping us with our learning! We will now be writing informative leaflets for other children advising them on how to keep safe in the dark as well.

Later on in the week, we also finished our mini-project on stars. After our moonlight walk last Tuesday we were desperate to find out the answers to some of our questions about stars, so we did our own research based on what we wanted to know. We then created some fabulous presentation posters filled will fascinating facts. 

star poster

Posted by: The Teachers on: 02/02/2017

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