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The eggs are here!

On Monday ten eggs arrived at school along with an incubator and brooding box.  We all sat excitedly waiting for something to happen ... but nothing did.

Fast forward twenty four hours to 11:45 when we had to stop our exciting fractions work to watch the birth of our first chick Bruno.  A small hole emerged at first, then with one almightly peck with his egg tooth he burst into the world.  All wet and weak trying to lift his head and move his little legs.  Amazingly, after only five minutes he could walk although a little bit wobbly!

Tuesday evening after school, one more chick was born followed by another four during the night. It was a lovely surprise to find all six fluffy chicks.

Choosing to arrive just before hometime on Wednesday, making us a little bit late, the eighth chick arrived. Leaving just two more eggs to hatch, one of which emerged today (Thursday).  Unfortunately,it looks as though the tenth egg won't hatch but you never know, the farmer said leave them all until Friday so fingers crossed. 

One chick, Chicken Little, has been a bit off colour today so we had to give him some water to re-hydrate him but happily he's picked up and feeling better.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 28/02/2017

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