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Reading, Reading and Plate Tectonics

We've been busy reading in Year 3, trying our best to get through our books to help contribute towards our 'Read the Height of the Library' challenge. We've been reading whenever we have a spare minute, on the playground, at home and in the library. Some of us have even been caught reading in the corridors as we walk back to class! We have so far read a fantastic 39 books in total and are very proud of our achievements. We're at the halfway point now and are feeling very positive about our reaching our goal!


In our Creative Curriculum we have been continuing with our 'Extreme Earth' topic. Last week we learnt about how the Earth is made up of four layers: the crust, the mantle, the inner core and the outer core. This week, we discovered that the Earth's crust is like a giant jigsaw puzzle! It's made up of tectonic plates!

Here we are trying to see how the plates fit together!plates

We then learnt how tectonic plates create earthquakes. We learnt about how the Richter Scale measures the scale of the earthquake and found out about seismographs. Following that, we learnt how earthquakes can trigger tsunamis and had a go at writing powerful descriptions of tsnuami waves. Have a read:

"From the top of the rooftop I watched as the frightening shocks of water hurtled towards us like angry fists, trying to knock everything in its way."

"Frustrated waves tumbled over the helpless wall."

"The misty sea was unexpectedly coming towards me."

Posted by: The Teachers on: 05/03/2017

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