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Buzzzzzzzing in Year 4!

As we have been learning about the great outdoors in year 4, we were very fotunate to be visited by Eddy from Lincolnshire Beekeepers Association last week. Eddy had a lot of knowledge about these fantastic creatures and told us about all of the good things that bees do for us. 

We learnt lots of interesting things about bees like,

'Bees gather bees with their proboscis and take it back to a hive' Owen

'I learnt that it is not good to be a male bee in winter because the Queen will get rid of you!' Adam

'There can only be one queen bee!' Maya

'In the summer, there is approximately 2000 worker bees, 200 drone bees but only 1 queen bee.' Katelyn

We really enjoyed Eddie's visit and even got chance to look inside a bee hive. Our favourite part was tasting the honey at the end. It was super sticky and seriously sweet!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 10/03/2017

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