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An eggcellent eggucation!

It has been so eggciting having the chicks in our classroom, watching them hatch and develop so quickly.

As mentioned in the last post, by Thursday 2nd March 9/10 chicks had hatched. As we had suspected the last egg didn't hatch.  Chicken Little continued to look very weak and wasn't interested in eating so it was decided that he would return to the farm to be looked after.

Kalani, Narla, Barnaby, Rosie, Jeff, Bruno and Penny all continued to develop nicely.  It was astonishing how quickly their wing feathers developed followed shortly after by their tail feathers.  The children learned so much in such a short time including: The lifecycle of a chicken, how long a chick takes to develop before hatching, how long it takes for a chicken to produce an egg plus much,much more.

Here are a few photos for you to enjoy...

Posted by: The Teachers on: 14/03/2017

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