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Harry Potter Magic

Monday morning got off to an exciting start... it took a little while, but eventually we spotted some envelopes hidden around the room. Curiously, we opened them up and discovered our letters inviting us to Hogwarts! We were buzzing with excitement and were even more delighted to discover we were being rewarded for all our reading efforts!


On Tuesday, the big day had arrived! We arrived in our wizarding robes and immeditaley got called to be sorted. Once we had been sorted into our houses, we were given our timetables and sent off to our lessons...

We loved learning new broom-riding skills and chasing the snitch in Quidditch! 


Care of Magical Creatures was an experience never to forget... Take a look at the incredible magical creatures we met!



The butterbeer in Honeydukes was delectable and we loved the sugary taste! We learnt about mandrakes and their dangerous screams and even got to make one to take home! We also had lots of crafts to take home from our History of Magic lesson and we were amazed by the potions we created!

It was an experience we will never forget and we have been working incredibly hard on our writing which we will be very proud to display in our school gallery. Please come and take a look when we open it up on Thursday!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 24/03/2017

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