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A Busy Final Week

We've had a busy last week in Y3 where we've continued with learning based on Harry Potter. All week we've been writing brochures for children who might be interested in coming to Hogwarts. We drafted our writing based on what we've seen from the Harry Potter movie night, from our magic day and from the book Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone which we've just finished reading during story time. We drafted our writing, edited it and then created brochures. Once we'd finished them, we worked in pairs to peer review our work, helping one another to spot mistakes which we could fix in our writing.

On Thursday, we were then presented with a challenge... to investigate the properties of different rocks to help us choose a new work surface for the tables in Snape's dungeons!

We had to test them to see if they were permeable or impermeable, had to decide whether they were durable and then had to observe closely to see if there were any other changes as we knew Snape wouldn't be happy if we made a bad recommendation! 

We have also been enjoying the lovely weather and reading outdoors. We're very keen to continue with our reading and have an exciting project planned for next term which will hopefully lead to more reading and more books to choose from in the classroom!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 31/03/2017

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