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A Visit to Burghley House

This week, we have eagerly started our new topic, 'It's All About Me!' As part of our topic all about ourselves, we wanted to find out about our town's local history and Burghley House was at the top of our list. Therefore, we kickstarted our topic today with a visit to the house itself.

Our day started with a tour of the inside of Burghley House. We learnt all about William Cecil, who built the house around five hundred years ago, and how life there changed between the Tudor and Victorian age. We were astounded to hear that there are 200 rooms at the house and that some of those rooms could fit our homes inside them! The first room was the kitchen and its size was remarkably impressive. We learnt about the different jobs servants might have done and how the kitchen has changed over the years. 


The rest of Burghley was just as remarkable. We saw bedrooms, incredible paintings and rooms where various types of entertainment took place. We couldn't believe that such an astounding building was in our small town right where we live!

We finished the end of the morning with a workshop where we got to handle old objects that the people of Burghley House once used. We were very good at working out what the objects were used for.


After lunch, we found out all about how clothes were made back when Burghley was first built. We thoroughly enjoyed learning how to weave wool and all managed to produce our own piece of woven material.


Our day was certainly memorable and we are looking forward to seeing where our learning now takes us.

Please take a look at the gallery on the school website where you will soon find more pictures of our day!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 20/04/2017

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