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It's all about the plants!

As part of our 'It's All About Me' topic, we decided that we wanted to do some healthy cooking and plant some of our own vegetables. However, in order to do that we first needed to find out all about plants so that we can grow our vegetables perfectly. Therefore, we started by going to pick flowers outside and sketching the details we saw. We noticed that the petals and leaves weren't as smooth as we originally thought and when we compared the different flowers we picked, we realised that not all parts of a plant look exactly the same. Some flowers had thick stems, some has thin and delicate ones. Some had buds, some didn't. Some had pale leaves, whereas some had darker ones. 


Following that, we did some research about the different parts of the plant because we wanted to make sure we grew our vegetables in the best conditions possible. We used the iPads to learn about certain parts and then used celery to help us see with our very own eyes how the stem of a plant works. We left the celery for an hour and started to see the food colouring travel up the stem. We were even more amazed the following day to see that some of our coloured water had travelled to the top!


Once we felt confident about how to best take care of plants, we planted our very own tomato seeds! At the moment, we will be keeping an enthusiastic eye on our plants as we need to keep them indoors for up to 9 weeks, however we are looking forward to the day when we can move them outdoors!

planting tomatoes

Posted by: The Teachers on: 28/04/2017

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