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More plants and a little drama...

This week, we’ve been continuing our learning about plants in the lead up to our cooking! Excitingly, we have begun writing our very own non-fiction book about plants! Last week, we researched and investigated the functions of the parts of plants and this week we started looking more closely at the head of a flower. We dissected some and found out that there were more plant parts hiding behind the petals!


We’ve also continued to monitor our tomato plants and on Thursday were delighted to see that some of them had started to germinate!

In English, we’ve started reading about the mysterious Harris Burdick. He left behind some very interesting illustrations to go with stories he had written, but had apparently disappeared before sharing his writing! We’ve been working on our literal and deduction skills to see if we can work out what the story to the pictures might be. We’ve also done some drama to help us explore what might be happening.

 book cover  drama

We’re looking forward to now exploring these further and coming up with our own stories for the illustrations!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 05/05/2017

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