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Max respect!

This week year 4 have continued their learning about being healthy. We were visited on Tuesday by Delphine from Lincolnshire Home to School Safety Partnership. The organisation that she works for teaches 'Max Respect,' for walking to and from school and when using public transport.

During her visit, Delphine did lots of activities with us to teach us the correct way to behave when walking to and from school and the implications of what could happen if we didn't. One game that we really enjoyed was a human bus board game where we followed the bus journey and tried to make our way home. On each square there was an instruction to teach us. One instruction was 'you are not wearing your seatbelt,' which meant that we had to move back squares but there were also instructions such as, 'you are being polite and having a quiet conversation with a friend,' which meant we could move forward spaces. 

Another activity that we found particularly powerful was Peter's story. Delphine read us a story about a bus driver called Peter who struggled with his job each day because of the behaviour of some children on his bus. We then got into groups and had key questions to help us to understand his feelings. We have used this story as a stimulus to write our own story about an event that happened on Peter's bus that will leave our reader's with a clear message!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 12/05/2017

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