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Le corps and the Holy Trinity

We’ve been revising our French this week, recapping how to count to ten, how to introduce ourselves and how to ask someone how their day’s going. As well as that, we’ve been learning how to use an English to French translation dictionary, which we really enjoyed! We used our dictionaries to find new vocabulary for the body (le corps), which we will soon be using to write short French phrases and sentences.


In R.E. we braided wool to help us understand how Christians see God as the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. We looked at how this is symbolised on church stained glass windows and have started designing our very own, ready to make next week! 

holy trinity

Finally, we're very pleased to say that throughout the week we've been keeping an eye on our tomato plants and have been very excited to see that they have been growing extremely well! Another six weeks and we'll be able to plant them outdoors!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 13/05/2017

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