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Monster mayhem!

This week we have continued working on our topic of Ancient Greece, being introduced to a new myth called, 'Theseus and the Minotaur'.  Our main focus was to become myth busters by considering sources of historical information to try and prove or disprove the story.  We established that the story setting was definitely true as it happened in Athens and Crete which still exist today.  But as for the Minotaur, we found evidence that the Romans believed in the story as they produced coins with the half-man, half-bull on one side with a maze like pattern on the other and wall paintings with images of men jumping over bulls.  We found nothing to suggest the creature was real but that bulls were probably fought and used in festivals.  We also studied artists impressions of a palace that was discovered in Crete by an archaeologist which rooms were like a maze as they all lead into one another.  The labyrinth that the Minotaur was supposed to kept in may have come from this palace. So we think the myth is busted!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/05/2017

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