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18th May: Reading for books!

Year 3 are desperate for more books! Since the reading challenge, we have decided that we would like more of the books that we love in our classroom and that we would also like to do our very own class reading challenge, similar to the one we completed back in March.

As a result of this, we decided to have a go at raising some money in order to fill our class bookshelves. We began by writing to Mrs Hines. Our persuasive writing worked and we were very kindly given £50 to start off our fundraising campaign. She wrote back to us saying that our letters "were clearly written with very good explanations about why you are doing the event" and that she was also "very impressed with the spelling and handwriting." When we got this email first thing this morning, we all felt incredibly motivated and were ready for our one hour read!

Not long after, we set off to the library where we met Jane, one of the librarians. She gave us a tour of Stamford Library and we were amazed to find out that you can borrow up to 30 books at a time... for free! We also discovered that you can borrow talking books and DVDs, as well as use the library's computers. 

After our tour, we began our sponsored read. We were amazed at the variety of books available to us and found many places to get comfy. Some of us read to our parents, who very kindly came to support us, and some of us read to adults, like Mr Grey who is one of our reading volunteers. Some of us also went outside with Mrs Thomas, our school librarian, to tell the public what we were doing and why.

sponsored read

sponsored read

At the end of the morning, we were incredibly proud to discover that we had raised an astonishing £99.79. We are incredibly grateful and overwhelmed by the support from our parents and the public. We will now be arranging a time to go into town and visit our local charity shops so that we can make some book purchases for our classroom.

Thank you again to the parents who supported us, the staff at Stamford Library, Mrs Hines and the generous public of Stamford. We cannot wait to get reading!

We will soon have more photographs on the Gallery section of our website, so please keep an eye out to see more of our successful morning.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 18/05/2017

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