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Book Shopping!

Thursday was book shopping day! We took the money we'd raised from our sponsored read and headed off into town. We had a list of the books we wanted, taken from last term's homework where we had to persuade Miss Kinchin to add our favourite books to our shopping list. We split off into groups and then went to Cancer Research, Oxfam, Barnardos and The British Heart Foundation charity shops awhere we started our book hunting! We were amazed by the prices and quality of the books on the shelf! We found countless books and even had the opportunity to speak to members of the public who were interested in what we were doing!

book shopping

When we got back to school, after reflecting on our experience, we started to sort out our class book corner. We decided which books we would like to keep and which ones we would like to donate to other classes. 

book shopping

Finally, we decided how we would like to run our reading challenge for this term! We came up with a total number of books we would like to read as a class, decided how long we would have to reach our goal and what prize we would like as a reward for reaching our total. We are now very motivated and cannot wait to get reading again!

book shopping

Posted by: The Teachers on: 08/06/2017

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