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Flag Fen

Thursday was our visit to Flag Fen to spark off our new topic, 'From Pelts to Celts,' which is all about the Stone Age! We had a really fantastic day which was definitely helped by the marvellous weather.

The day started off with an introduction where we met Sue who would guide us throughout the day. We found out about all the amazing archaelogical digs that had happened around the area. We then headed to the Education Centre where we got to handle real Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age artefacts. We had to sort them into which time period we thought they belonged in. We especially liked the different rocks and weapons!


Afterwards, we made clay pots. What we enjoyed the most about this was that we got to use natural materials like shells and twigs to decorate them. They made all sorts of interesting patterns on our pots.

clay pots

After an outdoor picnic for lunch, we had a tour of Flag Fen. We saw remains of buildings and boats which were thousands of years old and being preserved by special water. We also found out about what some of our local plants were once used for (including one which was used as toilet paper!). We ended the day with a really special storytelling in a replica Stone Age roundhouse, complete with our own little fire.


Thank you to Sue and Flag Fen for our very special day which has inspired our learning.

Please take a look on the gallery section of the school website where you can see more photos of our day.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 16/06/2017

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