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The caterpillar got bigger and bigger!

Well, our caterpillars are certainly enjoying their food, we have seen some triple in size over this week! The children have enjoyed observing the caterpillars daily. We have made a display so the children can freely observe the caterpillars and read both fiction and non-fiction books about caterpillars and the lifecycle of a butterfly.   

This week the children have taken part in lots of activities around healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. We have tasted fruit and made fresh fruit salad. The children have used their senses while playing a sensory game and we have taken part in daily exercise routines, this has included stretching, dancing and children's Zumba!

The children are busy rehearsing their Graduation songs and the dance moves are coming together nicely!

Next week we will be beginning our work around transition and following the children's interests around bees. The children were observed watching the bees in the garden and were asking both each other and the adults lots of questions.


Posted by: The Teachers on: 17/06/2017

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