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Time for a Roundhouse Project

This week in Creative Curriculum, we've started learning about Stone Age houses. We've been set the task to create a presentation based on questions we would like to find the answers to. We can present our information however we wish, so some of us are making information posters while others are creating Powerpoint presentations.

At the beginning of the week, we were researching the information we needed. By the end of the week, we were writing our notes up onto the computer. We learnt how to alter the font, size and colour of our text, as well as how to locate images online which we could then copy into the document we were working on. At the start of next week, we'll be putting together and rehearsing our presentations ready to share with the rest of the class on Tuesday!


Also this week, we've continued exploring the story Stone Age Boy in English. We've been working particularly hard on our speech punctuation and synonym choices.

In Maths, we've just finished our work on money and calcuating change and have now moved on to time. We have started by learning all about digital time and how ito read it alongside analogue clocks.

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Posted by: The Teachers on: 07/07/2017

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