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Incy Wincy, Itsy, Bitsy.....

This week our learning has had a rhyming focus with the help of some spiders!!! The children have observed real spiders and explored spiders and mini beasts in our 'Mini beast handling area' as part of our role play area. The children were really interested to find out that spiders have eight legs and eyes, a baby spider is called a spiderling and just like a caterpillar they spin cocoons.

The children have explored webs by creating webs using honey, making webs with a variety of materials and sewing webs using paper bowls.

In music and movement we moved like snails and spiders and on the IWB we used the pen to make the spider move to create pictures.

For the last two weeks of term the children will be learning about Autumn and the changes to the natural environment. We will be having a black and orange colour focus during the last week!!!!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 06/10/2016

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