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Somewhere Over The Rainbow.....

This week we have followed the children's interest in colour and rainbows. We have painted rainbows to learn the sequence of the colours and of course learnt the words to that very famous song! The children have explored colours using food colouring and powder paints.

We have learnt how rainbows are created and have painted rain clouds mixing different shades of grey. In music and movement this week we 'dressed' appropriately for wet weather and then went splashing and jumping in 'puddles' while listening to thunder storm sound effects, the children loved 'Singing in the Rain'!    

Please take a look at the children's amazing art work on the displays in the classroom.

Our focus in Letters and Sounds this week was rhyme and exploring sound. The children had some great ideas while exploring long and short sounds with their voices. We enjoyed singing nursery rhymes and exploring rhyme through stories and songs.

Next week we are learning about snails and creatures we find in our gardens.  One of the children in nursery loves snails and has been bringing this interest into the classroom on a daily basis! There will be lots of new knowledge around snails and lots of exploration around shape and spirals.   



Posted by: The Teachers on: 25/09/2016

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