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Jack Frost....

This week we have experienced Arctic conditions first hand!!!! The children wrapped up warm and went outside to 'catch' the early morning frost. We thought of descriptive words to describe the weather and then used these words to create frosty poems: 


It was cold outside, as cold as ice.

We felt the frost with our hands, it

was cold and sparkly.

Jack Frost has been!

We then wrote our own Arctic stories.  The children set up an arctic scene, they took it in turns to take props out of the story bag to create their own group story. The children talked about their characters, gave them names and thought about how each one had a role in the story. They discussed the beginning, middle and end of the story. It was lovely to share each groups story at storytime and the children were so proud of themselves. We will record the stories next week and put the stories into a book so the children can share them in the 'Arctic' story area.

Once upon a time there was a polar bear called Jessica. She lived in the water and on the snow. She was sad because she wanted some food, a friend and a baby! So she went in the sea and caught a whale. Jessica lives in an igloo, it keeps her warm. Along came her friend Sophie the penguin. It made Jessica very happy and they played with footballs. Then along came a seal and tried to gobble up Sophie the penguin. Jessica polar bear fights the seal and he ran away. Jessica and Sophie went for a swim in the sea and then in the igloo to keep warm.

The End      

Next week we will be exploring the painting 'The Castle of Muiden in Winter' by Beerstraaten, this learning  will run alongside a theme of castles and fairy tales. Watch out for an ice cream parlour in the dough area and we will continue our mathematical learning in the 'winter woollies' shop




Posted by: The Teachers on: 17/01/2016

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