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Inspired by Rousseau

This week, we have started looking closely at the work of French artist Henri Rousseau, focusing in particular on his paintings of rainforests. We were impressed by the detail in his images and even more impressed by some of the hidden creatures we kept spotting in the layers of his artwork. We then looked a little closer and examined his drawings of leaves, noticing that he included the finer details, as well as drawing them different shapes, sizes, shades and positions. We then used his artwork to inspire our own drawing techniques.

Off we went outside on a leaf hunt. We made sure we tried to collect a variety of leaves.rousseau

Once we’d done this, we came back to the classroom and had a go at sketching some of the leaves we’d found. We had to give particular attention to the patterns we'd spotted to ensure that our sketches had as much life-like detail as possible.



Keep on eye on next week's blog where you will be able to see what we did next with our Rousseau-inspired artwork...

Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/09/2017

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