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Rainforests and Chocolates

This week, we have continued with our artwork inspired by Henri Rousseau. We started by sketching our very own rainforest drawings, trying to add layers to our images just like Rousseau did. We even hid some secret rainforest animals in our drawings!


After that, we began cutting out some of the images we'd drawn from different materials. Next week, will be continuing with this and then assembling them to create a rainforest image based on our sketches.

In English, we have started some work on persuasive writing. Next week, we will be answering the question 'Should children be allowed to snack on chocolate?' We did some research on both sides of the argument so we could then make a decision based on what we'd found out. 

On Friday, we then split up into two sides: For and Against.

We had to use our listening skills to make sure we were following other people's arguments and then had to use vocabulary we'd learnt (such as furthermore, on the other hand, more importantly) to then either agree or disagree with what had been said.

Next week, we'll start putting together our arguments based on this week's research and debating!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 22/09/2017

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