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Visit to Bugtopia

On Monday, Year 4 excitedly boarded the coach for their trip to Bugtopia at Rutland Water which our spark for our Rumbling Rainforest topic.

On arrival the children were greeted by Dan and Liam who were our guides for the day and Liam led us into the sticky, humid rainforest to let us meet some of the residents!  Despite a few nerves to begin with, we overcame our fears and were introduced to a large millipede (whose feet felt like Velcro), a jumpy tree frog (who kept trying to escape) and Samm the Royal Python who was extremely friendly (and cold).  If we were feeling brave, we were allowed to put him around our necks to say hello!

snake    insect

We then moved through the rainforest spotting large turtles, iguanas and parrots and had to dodge the butterflies flitting through the air.  We moved into the bat cave and quickly became accustomed to the dark.  We began searching for the animals on show such as snakes, spiders, frogs and of course the bats who had been rudely awoken from their slumber!


After lunch, which was enjoyed outside in the fresh air, we arrived back at Bugtopia and were greeted by a huge Boa Constrictor around Dan’s neck and everyone was eager to say hello and stroke her!  The last treat of the day was to see the Meerkats being fed and we were surprised to discover that they are meat eaters who love to eat small chicks and locusts.  We also learnt that they are definitely not good pets to keep as they have razor sharp teeth and like to bite! 

We had a fantastic time at Bugtopia and found out lots of information about the diverse rainforest animal.  From this experience we will now be picking some of our favourite animals and doing a mini research project on those we have chosen.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/10/2017

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