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Y4 Maths

We've been particularly busy in maths this week, moving on to column addition. We've been using our equipment and place value mats to help us explore and understand exchanging. We had to look really carefully at the value of the digits and think about which counters we needed to exchange. We have started to use this to help us with the written column method and are now applying this learning to different problems.

practical maths

In our English this week, we've been using our visit to Bugtopia to inspire our writing. We've written leaflets to try and persuade people to visit. We had to think about not only how we presented the leaflet, but also about what language to use. In particular, we had fun creating our own special offers and events that would persuade people even more! We had special Halloween nights with the bats and Christmas dinners in the indoor rainforest!




Posted by: The Teachers on: 13/10/2017

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