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Food Chains and Premier League Poetry!

In our Creative Curriculum this week we have been using food webs and food chains to understand which animals are producers, consumers, predators and prey.  Once we understood how these worked, we used different styles of food webs for the animals of the Amazon Rainforest to create our own food chains. We made them out of paper chains to represent how they are linked together.

food chains

In English, we were excited to hear about a Premier League poetry competition which is focusing on the theme 'resilience'.  We began exploring what performance poetry is. In groups, we rehearsed and presented a poem using actions and a variety of tone to deliver the most effective performance to the rest of the class. 

performance poetry

Once we'd done this, we analysed a poem called Try, Try Again, focusing in particular on its structure. We used this structure to have a go at our own rhyming poems based on the theme of 'resilience' and then had a go at drafting our competition entries. Our next step after the half term break will be to edit and rewrite our poems which will then be submitted to the competition - we hope we'll do well enough to win one of the fantastic prizes! You can find out more about the competition on the Premier League Primary Stars website:


Posted by: The Teachers on: 21/10/2017

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