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Musical Rainforests and Unusual Happenings...

We’ve had a really exciting week back in Y4.

In our Creative Curriculum, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our music lessons! We have been listening to the sounds of the rainforest and learning about rhythm, dynamics, tempo and pitch. We explored these words through the use of our hands, and then moved on to using instruments. In groups, we used percussion instruments to create a piece of music which used rainforest sounds for inspiration. Our teachers were very impressed by our fantastic performances.


In English, we have started our science-fiction work and begun listening to the story of Ted Hughes’ ‘The Iron Man.’ We’re looking forward to writing our own stories ready for the gallery opening on 16th November.

In other unrelated news, this Thursday, we heard that something unusual had happened in school… the police had been in to investigate a crash landing that had occurred overnight.


Sneakily, we went to look at the sight and came to the conclusion that The Iron Man had crash landed in our school! Some of us thought his battery power had ran out (there were many batteries scattered across the ground), whilst some of us thought that maybe he’d fallen off the roof while trying to visit us (there were quite a few broken rocks around the landing site).

What do you think happened?

Posted by: The Teachers on: 03/11/2017

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