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Build a Bonfire!

This week we have been exploring materials through the colours black and orange. We have enjoyed playing with pumpkins, creating small worlds, scooping out the flesh and making pumpkin cakes. We even used the seeds for a fine motor actvitiy!

In the water tray we have played imaginatively with pumpkin boats and enjoyed catching oranges and balloons with the nets. Cookery this week has followed a similiar theme with black and orange cup cakes and pumpkin rice cakes. The children had great fun squirting the orange icing and adding the green stems.  

Over the week we have learnt about Guy Fawkes and on Wednesday the children had great fun at our traditional bonfire party! The reception children built us a bonfire which we stood around and sang songs. We then ate delicious hot dogs and chocolate sparklers before watching a firework display on the IWB. The Reception children have taught us about keepng safe on bonfire night.      

Over the next two weeks our learning will focus on the story of 'Aliens in Underpants', please keep an eye on the blog for lots of crazy 'pants'!!!!! but all of our learning around this theme will also be shared at the gallery open event.  

Posted by: The Teachers on: 04/11/2017

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