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Multiplication and String Telephones!

In Maths, we've started work on multiplication and division. We began by looking at different worded problems which we had to represent using both equipment and drawings. This really helped us to understand that although the numbers in problems may be the same, the problem looks different when drawn.

On the whiteboard in the picture below, we are comparing two multiplication problems.

On the right: In a class, children are sorted into 7 groups of 3. How many children are there altogether?


On the left: In a class, children are sorted into 3 groups of 7. How many children are there altogether?


We realised that although the numbers and answers are the same, the meaning of the problem is slightly different.

In our Creative Curriculum, we've followed on from our music by investigating sound. We investigated string telephones. We had four paper cup string telephones, all with different length string. We had to make predictions about which telephone would be clearer and louder, thinking carefully about the way the vibrations of sound moved along the solid string. 

string telephone

Some of us had some surprising and unexpected results, so we used this as an opportunity to discuss fair testing. Had we been fair in our investigations? Did we do the same each time? Some of us concluded that maybe we hadn't...

Posted by: The Teachers on: 19/11/2017

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