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Cheerleading and Rainforest Fruits

What a fabulous week!

On Tuesday, we had an exciting day out alongside other local schools at Stamford Welland Academy for a cheerleading event.  The day began with an energetic warm up which got our arms, legs and vocal chords ready for action! We then learnt all about how to perform stunts safely before trying out our very own displays using the stunts we’d practised.  We took turns being spotters and flyers, making sure we had someone who could be a secure and safe base.  We performed everything we’d learnt as our final routine and we left feeling very proud of ourselves!  The day taught us that working well as a team can deliver fantastic results!



In our Creative Curriculum, we asked whether we could learn more about what foods are grown in the Amazon Rainforest. After some research into this, we had a food tasting session. We had the opportunity to sample pineapple, watermelon, avacado, mango, grapefuit and passionfruit.

food tasting

We loved having the chance to taste these fruits and some of us were pleasantly surprised when we discovered that we actually liked them! 

Next week, we'll be finishing off our rainforest topic by designing our own Rainforest Cafe which will also include menus we've written based on our food tasting.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 24/11/2017

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