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Stone Age Day!

This week Year 3 children have gone back 10,000 years or so! We have consolidated our learning of the Stone Age by re-living it! (in School)

On Tuesday afternoon children enjoyed warmed pears by an open fire along with blood temperature Blackcurrant squash. Many children have decided they liked warmed squash in the winter weather and may like to try it again. Some children discovered a liking for tinned pears too.

Making Stone Age tools was anther activity and Year 3 discovered how tricky this must have been for Stone Age people, especially if their tool was going to be useful for their survival.

As prehistoric people did not read and write, the children communicated in the only way we know they may have done so; Cave paintings. Using brown paper and pastels, we made our very own cave painting which looked fantastic.


Finally shelters were made, from paper, of the varied Stone Age homes over the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic periods.

It was a fun afternoon and the children have now written recounts of the event for their English. lesson

Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/12/2017

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We have begun our new topic of Chocolate with gusto in Year 3. We are learning the history of chocolate and about its origins.

The children are enjoying discovering characters in our story, Charlie and the Chocolate factory, and imagining their own inventions to be considered by Willy Wonka!





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