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Christmas Around the World

This week, Y4 have started to think about how Christmas is celebrated around the world. We kickstarted our learning by getting into teams and seeing if we could name the countries which different flags represented. There were some interesting answers, but ultimately, we had to try and make sure we remembered what we'd learnt as we'll be re-tested during another quiz next week!


After that, we then got into pairs or small groups. We were given the challenge to create a presentation which explains how Christmas is celebrated in other countries. We could either do an in-depth presentation about one country or write about several countries and their traditions. Y4 have really enjoyed this learning... some of us even went away and did extra research outside of school! We've had to turn our research into a presentation using Microsoft Powerpoint. We've learnt how to change backgrounds, fonts, vary the layout of slides, add a range of images and some of us have even started adding animations.


We will be completing our presentations next week, ready to discuss and show on Tuesday!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 15/12/2017

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