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Instruments, sounds and music!

What a fun week of learning we have enjoyed! The children started the week learning about and exploring percussion instruments. We have played games to develop our listening skills and played the instruments while exploring sound, pitch and volume.

Each day the children have made a different instrument and we have learnt about different styles of music, from reggae, country, pop and jazz. The children's favourite this week has definetly been reggae and we will be learning more about its country of origin, Jamaica, in the coming weeks.

Other instruments we have learnt about have included the guitar, banjo and keyboard. Today we were really lucky to have Dan come into nursery with his drum kit. He played the drums for us and then we took it in turns to play some beats! Thank you Dan.

Many thanks to all those parents that kindly donated to 'The Winter Walk'. The children looked for signs of winter as we walked in the school grounds.

Next week we will be continuing with our musical theme and learning about the instruments in an orchestra and exploring more different styles of music, including classical, blues and rock. 



Posted by: The Teachers on: 18/01/2018

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