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The Nile and the Water Cycle

This week, we've been finishing our learning about the River Nile by finding out about the water cycle. In our classroom, we set up our own mini water cycle by filling zip-lock bags with water and food colouring. We drew a diagram of the water cycle and discovered that we could see some of the processes we'd been learning about, like condensation!

water cycle

We then used our learning to write some mini flip books which explained each part of the water cycle process. We were able to use the scientific vocabulary we'd come across and a range of new facts that we didn't know before!

water cycle

Although we have finished our learning on the River Nile, we will continue to observe and note the changes we see on our mini water cycle models. In particular, we are going to be looking carefully to see if we notice any specific changes when the weather or temperature alters.

Posted by: The Teachers on: 26/01/2018

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