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Cupcakes and shopping!

Welcome Back, we hope you have had a relaxing break!

This term we will be following several themes of interest that we have observed in the children. Over half term we have set up some exciting new areas for the children to explore. There is now a natural environment area where the children can touch and explore objects. The dough area has been transformed into a cake shop to follow the children's interests in cup cakes and baking. The shop has a cottage theme with a distinctive pink focus! We have a supermarket in the role play area after we observed the airport being used as a shop towards the end of term.

We will be running with these themes over the coming weeks and our learning will cover topics such as money, buying and selling, shopping lists, logos, food, healthy eating, baking and afternoon tea!

Please follow the blog to keep up to date on these exciting developments and learning opportunities!


Posted by: The Teachers on: 18/02/2018

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