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What a mystery...

This morning, we were each delivered some named envelopes. Within them were letters, a map and a old photograph...


It turned out, our Great-Aunt Emily had gone missing in Egypt whilst searching for the lost tomb of Osiris! Her interpretor wrote to us, desperately urging us to go and find her!

We were really worried about her, so off we went to Egypt, straight to the hotel room she should have been staying in... what a sight it was! It looked as though it had been ransacked! We started searching around the room, hoping that there was something there that would give us a clue about where she was.

Here is an image of us looking through her diary, which had many ripped and missing pages:


Had she taken out pages to stop someone from finding certain information? Or had someone else done that because they'd discovered something useful? The parts we could read (and those we could piece together!) revealed some interesting information about the start of Emily's visit to Egypt...


We found plenty more clues, such as tickets, maps and photographs... In order to help us start piecing together the clues, we have started writing a diary to help us keep track of our thoughts. We are determined to find Miss Emily!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 09/03/2018

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