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The Plot Thickens...

In our English this week, we've continued to investigate the disappearance of our aunt, Miss Emily Sands. We've continued writing our diary entries as we've delved further into this mystery, hoping that we'll be able to piece together the many pieces of the puzzle..

At the start of the week, we transported ourselves to Cairo Museum. We knew Miss Emily had been there as we'd found a ticket in her hotel room and read in her diary that she'd been there. At the museum, we discovered many clues. The guestbook revealed that she had signed in, but didn't sign out and that her interpretor seemingly left without her. Furthermore, a mysterious person with illegible handwriting had signed in at around the same time...


We also went to the Lost Property office where we discovered that Miss Emily had left without her handbag! Inside it was her purse, a map and a 'to do' list which revealed that she was particularly interested in exhibitions linked to Osiris.

lost and found

In the museum exhibition itself, we found a sheet of papyrus on display which had on it a message written in hieroglyphics. When we translated it, we found out that it was a warning about the lost tomb of Osiris...

At the end of the week, we continued our investigation by writing letters to some key people who may have more information about the whereabouts of Miss Emily.., We're hoping to have some responses next week which will help to shed some more light on where she might be and what might have happened to her...

Posted by: The Teachers on: 18/03/2018

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