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We're near the end...

In English, we're very close to solving the mystery of the missing Aunt! This week, we went to Mr Taak's office... we're highly suspicious of this shady character...


And we were right to be! He too had been interested in the Lost Tomb of Osiris and we were shocked to discover that he had some of Emily's diary entries... We've now put together our own ideas about where Aunt Emily is and we are very excited to soon discover what actually happened to her! Our diary writing about these events has been very successful and we're getting much more confident with both using a variety of sentence structures and showing emotion.

In our Creative Curriculum, we've been making canopic jars out of clay! We've chosen a God to put on the lid and will this week be painting them ready to put on display during our mini-celebration event on Wednesday!

canopic jars

Posted by: The Teachers on: 26/03/2018

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