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Thank you!

We would like to thank all the adults for supporting us at our Egyptians celebration event at the end of last term. We were incredibly proud of the work we showcased, particularly because we had been working especially hard to ensure we had lots of fantastic work to show everyone.  We painted tomb paintings onto our handmade papyrus about the specific themes of ‘Daily Life’, ‘Nature’, ‘Gods, Goddesses, Kings and Queens’ and ‘The After Life’.  We made canopic jars out of clay and painted them also and we wrote letters to our parents, inviting them to join us to celebrate.  The event was a huge success – thank you again from all of us in Year 4!



This term, we have started our new and electric topic called Body Sparks!  We will be learning all about electricity including how to stay safe around it, circuits and we will even get the opportunity to build our own electric buggies.  We will also be investigating the human digestive system and how food travels through our bodies, starting with the teeth.  This term promises to be full of discoveries, so please stay tuned!

Posted by: The Teachers on: 20/04/2018

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